heart of not knowing - blijmoedig inkeren
Ferdie Ashankit Westen  ferdie@heartofnotknowing.nl

who am i?

I'm a visual artist and graphic designer.
I was born in 1958 and grew up in the rural north eastern part of Holland.
I’m a proud father of three grown up sons and a grandson.
I’m the husband and the lover of a strong and beautiful woman.

Like every child I was fascinated by THIS, whatever form it took.
That child never left.
I grew up in a family without reference to art in any form.
The wide open landscape was my playground.
My mother showed me how to see Spirit in nature. 
I was introduced to art in the squatting communities in the early 80’s.
It was a revelation. Beauty was everywhere, it was waiting to be seen.

I am grateful for my teachers, wanted and unwanted.
I tried to emulate the experiences of others and I failed.
Now I do my own experiments and changed from a seeker to a finder.
THIS cannot be shared, it can only be lived.